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@ Prog Design, simplicity is deleting the obvious and keeping the meaningful.

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Hello, We are Prog Design Team. What We Can Do?

Web & UI Design

Design that's intelligent & inspired.

If you're looking for a website, there are 3.6 gazillion firms who can do that. If you want a lead-generating, money-making workhorse that tells your story elegantly, captures (and keeps) the attention of your audience, and drives profits to your front door, then you've clicked to the right place. Today's users are savvy and they're not going to hand over their email address and hard-earned cash to just any pretty face.

To have a fighting chance, your website must: solve a problem that is close to the user (with no strings attached), tell your story concisely and with unabashed honesty, give users a reason to take the next step, be beautiful, memorable, and dirt-simple to use. This isn't our first rodeo...we've been strategizing, designing, and building websites for over 12 years and we know we can make your user experience better. Ready to learn how? 

Print Design

The strongest brands in the world all have one thing in common: consistency. Whether you are handing out a business card or sending a simple email, everything that your customers touch, see, and hear should tell the same story. Easy, right?

We help craft your story.

It starts with a clear understanding of what defines you - from your products to your people to the way you treat your customers. We distill the complex into a compelling, easy-to-understand message that connects emotionally with your audience. Being beautiful is one thing, but being genuine will win you more customers at the end of the day (at least that's what our mothers tell us).

Make an indelible impression.
From logos to trade show booths and everything in between, Gravitate is well-versed in creating lasting impressions through smartly crafted designs that help deliver your brand to the world. We know that different media require different approaches and we've got the know-how to translate small ideas into big solutions without missing a beat when it comes to creating brand consistency.

Want to test us? Alrighty then... let's do it! 


Significantly improve your online marketing performance. Attract high quality traffic, generate consistent leads, and turn your online reputation into a powerhouse.

For over 10 years, we’ve had our finger on the pulse of optimization trends and have seen best practices come and go. By following this evolving climate and combining research and analysis with proprietary, hand-built tools we implement a multi-faceted approach to your digital marketing mix that extends far beyond keywords and initial optimization.

Data obsession is an understatement
When we’re in control of your Digital Marketing (DM) campaign our first step is digging deep into your, and your competitors, online markets, sales funnels and click through rates in order to unearth both long and short-term strategies that will leave your competition clamoring to catch up. Gravitate DM relies on raw numbers and the data produced through extensive research and our somewhat nerdy obsession with quantitative data. This all-encompassing approach leaves you with actionable reports and strategies that we’ll implement at precise times in order to exceed your digital marketing goals.

Competitive Analysis
Want to outperform your competition? You had better know how they’re succeeding and failing so you can capitalize on both their strengths and weaknesses. Gravitate DM knows your competition inside and out and creates long-term actionable game plans that will easily bury your adversaries.

While an intricate slice of DM pie and an important first step to online success, search engine optimization (SEO) has shifted in the past years from the pinnacle of focus to a cog in the DM campaign machine. Naturally, we tackle the basics to ensure pages are being indexed and crawled efficiently through tactful optimization, ongoing content creation, and consistent link building — which are all delivered on a monthly basis.

Content Marketing
Just stating “content is king” isn’t enough anymore. Original, fresh, focused and relatable content is the key to ranking higher. Creating resources that are more authoritative and relevant to both users and search engines is crucial. We tackle this by producing consistent updates to blogs and site resource pages, such as company news or landing pages.

Conversion Analysis
Here’s where we geek-out a little and strategize with you about click-through rates, A/B - multivariate testing, and effective design that draws attention on calls-to-action. All this means that we will never rest when it comes to improving and optimizing your site, which in the end equates to more leads and more sales.

Paid Advertising
While we’re advocates of organic optimization, we understand some companies require immediate results. In these situations we use tactics that involve pay-per-click, Google Adwords, press releases, and even paid directory listings to quickly attract new business and bring in sales quickly.

Social Media Marketing
Engaging with your customers through social media tools can produce staggering results when it comes to promoting your brand and improving rankings. Today’s users expect more of a conversation than an anonymous figurehead so Gravitate develops strategies in your DM campaign to target and connect with the most influential users in your industry to maximize your community engagement and influence on current, and potential, clients.

Our Portfolio

Below are some of our best design works we have done for clients.

Awesome Team

Who We Are? Information About Us.

Founded on years of experience, Prog Design Studio has built a reputation over the last decade for developing quality web solutions and compelling designs regionally (in the Central Valley and Tri Valley area  and throughout the United States) for Fortune 500 clients and small businesses alike.- We pride ourselves on our ability to deliver creative solutions across the board, on budget and on time. Our team will always make themselves available to answer questions or concerns, or to discuss a grand idea. By working together with our clients this assures a successful outcome. Our growing list of satisfied client will gladly attest to this.

Our company provides three core areas of expertise and services, which are categorized by Print (Graphic Design), Internet (Web Site Design and Development) and Multimedia Services. 

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      Creative Head

      Vanitha has a MFA in Graphic design and a MA in Fine Arts and over 12 years experience. 

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      Web Specialist

      Sudheer has a MS in Computer Engineering and over 10 years experience.

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    Graphic Artist

    Linda has a Diploma in Graphic Arts
    with 4 years work experience.

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    We are Hiring

Happy Clients

We're Trusted by Over 20,000 Handsome Customers.
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Prog Design is currently working on a new web site for my business, and has already completed our new logo. They are committed to the completion of the task with quality ideas and have brought a fresh and up to date look to our advertising. Good job!

Paul G Ritter

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Over the past 6 years, we have hired Prog Design for various design projects. They have been nothing but stellar in their professionalism and overall experience, for quality of work and response. The designs they have created for us have been world class, winning rave reviews. Their design is prominently displayed in our multi-million dollar Management platform. Highly recommend them to anyone. -- 

Trapeze Networks 
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Sample clients

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